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Why Choose Us?

Why Oak Lake RV

Our RV Customer Service is Number 1!

At Oak Lake RV, we truly believe service should be your #1 priority. That is why we are talking about it first here. Whether this service takes place before you even visit our dealership for the first time, or if you have a problem and want to be sure to take it somewhere qualified to get it fixed efficiently and effectively, our service team can take care of you. The reputation we have built with our customers confirms that we offer unbeatable service. We have a service department with as many technicians as RV dealerships that are twice our size.

Master Certified Staff

We have factory-trained technicians that are RVIA certified including two Master RVIA and Master ASE (automotive) technicians and this is constantly evolving for the better all the time.

Our 60+ point checklist for:

  • Motor Homes – A, B & C

And 40+ point checklist for:

  • Fifth Wheels
  • Destination Campers
  • Tent camper
  • Truck campers
  • Park Models
  • Travel Trailers

This checklist is the heart and soul of our dealership and dictates everything we do for you to make buying a camper or motor home as trouble-free an experience as possible! Our premier service staff and this checklist have saved customers thousands upon thousands of $$ in what would have been surprise repair costs! This can't be overstated!

Our Pricing!

We know we are not just down the street from you. Your peers sometimes have traveled over 100 miles to visit us in east central Minnesota! We either had the best selection or best price- probably both- and took the time to come check us out in person.

Economics 101

Our family-run business has been operating since 1930 as a campground and more recently, as an RV Sales dealership. The campground property itself has been owned since 1915. With the campground property long-since paid for and providing a 2nd revenue stream to pay the bills, we are able to keep our costs down. We also have a different dealership infra structure. No true salesperson is part of the staff. You are buying from the owner or his family in most cases. This allows us to pass on these savings to our customers

Not Your Normal Dealership Model

In most dealerships, which are modeled after a car dealership, you have a Sales Manager and Salesman between you and the owner. The salesman is paid on a commission. If the camper you are buying is used, the repairs come out of the commission- or the salesman's pocket. Obviously this leads to a conflict of interests regarding how well the camper is prepped for you. We can tell you from first-hand experiences from technicians on our own staff that have come from other dealerships, that there have been many arguments "back in the shop" about what is going to get fixed and what isn't at other places. This isn't really a knock on anyone else with regards to how well they want to serve you, we know they are all working hard too. It is just the truth that we have cut out most of these aspects in our dealership which creates more value and often places more $$ in your pocket whether you buy new or used!

Knowledgeable Staff

Not only is the service staff knowledgeable, but so is the sales staff- if that is what you want to call us. Tour guide might be more appropriate in our low-pressure atmosphere. The owner, Henry, and his son Alan do most of the selling along with a few others that have spent considerable time in our shop.

If we don’t know how to answer your questions- Our Team will research or call the factory to get you one!

Best in Value

Located in central Minnesota, we strive to always offer you the best value. Whether the value is the best up front, or the value was built into the RV by our expert staff in the way of hidden issues removed or repaired before you are handed the keys, WE ARE CONFIDENT that you will be $$ ahead whether you choose a used motor home or new or used travel trailer, park model, truck camper, tent camper, or fifth wheel from Oak Lake RV!

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